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Welcome fellow POLCATS!

In an effort to build a better web site I've moved my site to this new location. Please come back often and pass the word on to other POLCATS. Remember, all POLCATS (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Foriegn Services, Retired, etc.) are welcome to this site.

POL for the uninitiated

So what is POL? Well for those of you who've stumbled across this page on your journey through cyberspace and don't have the slightest idea, POL stands for Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants. To those of us who work in POL, those initials stand for a myriad of unmentionable things. POLCATS provide the fuel and cryogenic support needed to keep America's Air Force mission ready. Be it rain, sub-zero temperatures or triple-digit heat, the proud members of our fine career field work hard to keep'em flying. Hence, our motto, "Without fuel, Pilots are Pedestrians!"

Now don't think for a second that we're a bunch of glorified gas station attendants. The airman and NCO's of POL are highly competent technicians using state-of-the-art technologies to move large quantities of aviation fuel in a safe and timely manner. So if you ever have the pleasure of meeting one of these hard-working, hard-partying professionals, show 'em their props!

Pass it on!

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Your input appreciated

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E-mail Pigpen

With your help I hope to make my site one you'll visit often. Please e-mail me any POL related photos, stories, etc. you'd like to see posted. This site will be updated often.

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